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About Us:
Our Licensed Massage Therapist is Cindy Eagon. Cindy is a graduate of the East West College of Healing Arts, located in Portland, OR. She received her diploma in massage therapy after successfully completing a 600-hour Massage Therapist Course. She is certified both at the State and National level as a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She is also a Professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association®.  Cindy offers treatments including: trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, and Indian Head massage as well as INTRA-ORAL massage for the relief of TMJ symptoms.

Cindy has a variety of practical experience. She currently combines her practice with Dr. Stephen Liston at 99th Street Chiropractic. Cindy's practical experience and education has allowed her to create a unique experience in blending massage therapy with chiropractic patients.

Come let Cindy customize a massage experience that is unique to each individual.


Client Comments:

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my foot and back. I have suffered from chronic back pain due to having 2 slipped discs. Unfortunately the work I do makes it very hard to follow the Dr.’s instructions. When my back started hurting, you were the first person I thought of. The day after my back massage was the first morning in at least a year that I woke up without needing pain medication; there was no pain. For the past several years I have had trouble with my foot, after pulling a muscle in my arch. Up to now I have been using an arch support, but always felt like there was a charlie-horse in my foot. After a 10 minute foot massage, the pain was gone. The pain has been gone for more than a month.  THANK YOU!!!

- Sincerely, Heather

I have suffered from chronic nerve pain in my leg for several years. One of the best treatments is the massage therapy that you continue to provide.

- Jim

Cindy -

You gave an extremely incredible massage. My very first one. I will definitely be back.

Thank you - Rachel

Web Specials:

There is no need for purchasing multiple massages up front, joining a club or clipping coupons.  Right now any one-hour massage (except for deep-tissue) is only $50*.

*First massage only
Prices subject to change without advance notice. 


For Careers in the healing arts or to find out more information on the training involved in massage therapy, visit: East West College of Healing Arts, Located in Portland, Oregon.

For information on membership, Massage Therapists, Schools, Health Care Providers and more, visit the: American Massage Therapy Association®.


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Heaven On Earth Massage

1309 NE 134th St, #E

Vancouver, WA, 98665


Cell (360)798.7994



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