Heaven On Earth Massage
Encouraging good health through positive, relaxing touch.
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Heaven On Earth
1309 NE 134th St, #E
Vancouver, Wa 98685
(Above the Shell on 134th st)

At Heaven On Earth Massage our aim is to offer you a place of relaxation. Bring your own music or listen to ours. Our massage suite is enhanced with low lighting and a heated massage table for added comfort; offering you a relaxing environment where you can let the cares of life and the day pass you by.

Whether you have aches and pains brought on by: sports or work injuries; pregnancy; stress; or just want to treat yourself to pampered relaxation, this is the place for you.

Our ultimate goal is to bring a positive and relaxing touch that could encourage and maintain good health through massage therapy.

Monthly Article

The Value of Massage

In a time when life's pressures seem to be increasing and we are striving to meet some new demand, make some new payment or reach a new goal, one thing remains the same; that is the need to care for yourself.  Taking care of yourself is the one certain thing that each of us can do to help us be up to life's certain changes.

Massage is a wonderful way to do this.  Yes, it may be viewed as a luxury by some, but here are some reasons to make it a part of a healthy life style:


  1. Massage encourages gentle movement of stiff joints and muscles

  2. Massage encourages all systems of the body into a better balance

  3. Massage increases blood flow

  4. Massage lowers blood pressure

  5. Massage boosts the immune system

  6. Massage encourages the body to heal from injury or chronic pain

  7. Massage it relaxes and helps to relieve stress

Monthly Specials

$5 Off Any Re-booked Massage

Book your next massage before you leave the office and save $5 on your next massage

*First hour (50 mins) massage is at full price of $55.00

Gift Certificates available for all services and offers unless otherwise indicated



NB I-5 Exit 7 – 134th st

Left on 134th, go 2/10 mile


SB I-5

Follow 205 SB split

Exit 36 – 134th St.

Right on 134th St, go 2/10 mile


Turn left at the Shell Station. Park behind the 
Shell Station and enter the door on the back
Up to the 2nd Floor

Please click on the icon for a map from the freeway


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